Once your book is laid out (explained here) or if you already have print ready PDF files, we can then work together to get your book printed.

You have a few options with how to print your book, including:

  • Uploading your book to CreateSpace and Lulu – who then print and distribute your book for you.
  • POD – Print on Demand (they get printed as they are ordered)
  • Traditional printers, where you get 25+ books printed at one time and you fulfil the orders.

Understanding the differences between these options is really important – and I urge you to read my blog post ‘Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing – The Facts’  as it covers the different types of printing that are available to you.

Each printing method has its pros and cons – and without knowing the details of your project, I can’t really recommend one over the other – although in my experience, POD, although less costly up front, usually is an inferior product and I have yet to hear an author who is delighted with a POD book. 

Choosing the right paper and style for your book is really important – so it’s critical you know the facts. Any printer you use should offer a sample.

Our Printing Service

If you decide to opt for the traditional printing service, I can manage the process for you.

As each book is different (paper type, page count and size), I can give you a quote upon request once I have the details.

The quote includes:

  • A fully managed service, of uploading files and dealing with the printer – you just send us the PDF
  • A printed proof of your book – sent to you for your approval
  • Delivery of your books to one UK address

I offer both softback and hardback printing options, with a wide variety of papers. Just get in touch with your details and specifications and I can get you a quote.

If you have a project underway that you would like to discuss, or you have any further questions about everything listed here, get in touch. Either email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com or call me on 02392 378625 and I will be happy to discuss your project.

Is your book still a dream? My book can help get your book out of your head and ready for print. Order your copy here.

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