Welcome to the advantages of Enhanced Services! By choosing this, you can now supercharge your book’s visibility.

The Enhanced Service will enable you to add descriptive content to your titles such as a synopsis, reviews, author biography and a table of contents. This makes it much easier for potential readers to know what’s inside your book. This is especially powerful when buying online. It’s like they are virtually there… flicking through your book and all whilst sitting on their sofa.

Data shows that the best performing titles are the ones that contain descriptive content and the Enhanced Service allows you to do just that.

Purchasing the Enhanced Service allows extra information to be shared with over 3,500 booksellers, internet retailers and library customers in the UK and to over 100 countries worldwide, making your titles discoverable (and enticing) to thousands of potential readers!

Compass-Publishing UK offers this service based on the number of books you have with us.

Click below to purchase the relevant number of books you have listed with us. Once you have input your payment details, you will be redirected to a form to fill in that requests this additional information. Please fill it out and submit it to us, and we will then update your record. If you have any problems, or aren’ redirected email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com and I’ll re-send you the link.

I look forward to updating your listing… and seeing an uptake in sales.

Please note this is an automatic annual payment. Refunds are not given for this service, so please get in touch before purchasing if you need any further information. This is an annual subscription service so you may review and cancel after one year.