Bar-Code-Isbn-5The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the black and white lined graphic, with 13 numbers underneath, that appears on the back of the book jacket.

Compass-Publishing UK can supply you with a single ISBN for just £79 if you choose to publish through us.


Before you buy your ISBN please READ and be aware of these important points and READ terms and conditions of sale here:

  • Compass-Publishing UK will need to see the content of the book before you acquire an ISBN from us.
  • Compass-Publishing UK will need to be declared as your Publisher. If you don’t want this, you’ll need to buy your ISBN directly from Nielsen’s.
  • You will be legally required to send up to 6 copies of your books to various librariesclick here for more info
  • If you are NOT planning on selling your book via online retailers and bookshops, then you might not need an ISBN at all. (For instance, if you’re selling directly from your website.) Please do your research in regard to what you need to sell your book via the channels you require.
  • Having an ISBN will make your book available to book retailers. This includes giving these retailers a 30% discount. If this isn’t financially viable, then please think carefully about whether or not to give your book an ISBN
  • Having an ISBN does NOT secure your copyright. This is automatically asserted to you via the © symbol on your title verso page and has nothing to do with whether or not you have an ISBN – click here for all of the details, and what this means in terms of copyright.
  • Please do your due diligence BEFORE you obtain an ISBN through Compass-Publishing UK as there are legalities to your purchase.

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But I have a FREE Amazon CreateSpace ISBN, do I need another one? 
Yes. If you’re using a FREE ISBN number from Amazon to sell on their site you won’t be able to use the ISBN outside of their online store. More details here.