At Compass-Publishing UK we can offer tailor made publishing solutions for self-publishers who don’t want the constraints that are associated with POD (Print On Demand) type solutions. These include a lower price per unit, a high standard of content, and the flexibility of being able to sell in book shops.

One of the other great advantages of using Compass-Publishing UK is that YOU retain all of the rights to your work, with no royalties due to us. (This is because you are in charge of marketing your book, but we can help with that as well if you’re stuck!)

However, as we recommend that you print your books through traditional methods (not POD) this then means your books are cheaper to produce (per unit) and if you then adopt one of the strategies I share in my Lead Generation Masterclass – you can then cover your costs of printing through the back end sales of your book.

Compass Publishing, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

‘Four months after printing my book I’ve not ‘quite’ recouped the money from the print costs but it’s very close. However, the lead generation, as Alexa says, has been phenomenal. I’ve taken on more clients to the point where I have had to take on an associate.’

Catherine, Author of bestselling book How to be a Virtual Assistant