PublishinglogoresizedCompass-Publishing UK offers a flexible self publishing solution for writers who want to have the most options available to them, whilst still managing each aspect of their work.

We can offer an all in one service, whilst still allowing each individual element to be crafted to fit the needs of the writer. We think that by offering you personal guidance, your finished product will not only be tailor made for your needs, but also bespoke to YOU.

Writing a book takes commitment and hard work, and we don’t want the next step (publishing) to feel like hard work either, so if you are at the end of your project (ready to publish) or just at the beginning, we are here to help.

  • If you are at the beginning of your project, then head over to The Book Refinery for further guidance and help. We can offer coaching services to help you with the writing process. Or bespoke typesetting services to make your writing sing off the page.
  • If you’re looking for an ISBN – so that you can sell your books on sites like Amazon and in book shops, then click here.

Compass-Publishing UK is a subsidiary of The Book Refinery – and is owned and run by Alexa Whitten. She has a team of dedicated service providers, including typesetting, editing, proof reading and cover design.

We are based in Portsmouth and offer every type of book production service. If you have any questions in regards to self publishing, please do get in touch.