Check Lists and Templates

When you self publish, there seems to be a mountain of stuff you need to do, and if this is your first project, it can all seem overwhelming.

Below are a few checklists and templates you might find useful – feel free to download them and use them as you need to.

Self Publishing Checklist

Self Publishing Check List

Not sure what to do first? Well, use this guide to help you on your way – it includes everything you need to know, including tips on how to start.

It’s important to understand what to do when, and this list will organise your project – just click on the link above to download the file. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch by emailing me at


ISBN box graphic

When you’re creating your ISBN box for your cover, using a box like the one shown to the left looks modern and professional.

You don’t have to declare the publishing web address in the coloured box (as shown) but instead use your own website if appropriate. Offering other forms of currency is also a clever way of making your book look as if it’s been published by a publishing house, rather than self published. Ask your cover designer to use this type of template.

Remember, every aspect of your book is being judged – and it’s small things like this which can make your book look more professional. If you need help with creating a graphic like this one… then get in touch.


Title Verso Page Templates

500px-CopyrightWhether your writing fiction or a business book, you will need to have a title verso page. This is the page that is on the reverse of the title page – and declares your copyright information, who your book is published with and a statement of responsibility. I have created two templates, one which is more informal (fiction) and one that is more standard for a business book.