Once you have published your book, you will need to get in touch with whoever supplied you with the ISBN number to register your books details.

If it was with Compass-Publishing UK, then call us on 02392 378625 – and we will do this over the phone. You will need a copy of your book with you as I will be asking you questions such as size of book, the number of pages, how much you are selling it for etc.

Once your book has been registered – this data will then be fed to all major book stores in the UK – and if anyone requests your book by title, the book shop will be able to order it for that customer.

The other legal requirement is to send several copies to the various libraries across the UK – including Scotland, Wales, Oxford, Cambridge and Dublin. The legal depositary requirement has been established since 1662 – and it’s super important that you comply with this request.

So, five books need to be sent to:

Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries
21 Marnin Way
EH12 9GD

and one copy needs to be sent to:

Legal Deposit Office
The British library
Boston Spa
LS23 7BY

Include a cover note with your books, listing the ISBN number and who has published your book.

You can include wording such as “I hereby submit X number of copies of my book – insert title of book- ISBN number – insert number- which is published by – insert publisher.”

I also HIGHLY recommend that you send these recorded delivery – I’ve had customers ‘lose’ their books – and you don’t want to be sending out repetitive orders if you can help it.