Congratulations! You have a book order.

Please can you check your email carefully to see which distributor you need to send your book (or however many the email specifies) to, it will be either:

Gardners Books
1 Whittle Drive,
Willingdon Drove,
East Sussex,
BN23 6QH


Waterstone’s Consolidation Centre,
Fifth Avenue,
Centrum 100,
Burton upon Trent,
DE14 2WS

The email will state which distribution address it needs to be sent to, quoting the reference number stated in the email. Please DOUBLE CHECK that you are sending to the correct distributor.

You will need to include an invoice – this should state your name, business name (if applicable) the ISBN number of the book, title of the book and your bank details. Failure to include bank details will mean you won’t get reimbursed for your book!

Can you also EMAIL a copy of that invoice to as invoices can get lost in the unpacking of books.

Please include a 30% discount.

Then reply to the email to say the order has been dispatched and we can mark it as such on our system.

Prompt fulfilment of these orders is really appreciated, as Compass-Publishing UK allows authors to sell nationwide and this supports our book shops!
(Let’s not make Amazon the only place to buy books!)

The Compass-Publishing UK Team