If you are an aspiring author, then you need the right support and advice to translate your idea into something tangible.

I have no hesitation in recommending Compass Publishing and Alexa as your go to people.  They were a great help and delight to me when I was writing my first (hopefully not last) book I Hate Numbers.  

Experience, talent, publishing, integrity and writing know how, all wrapped up in Compass Publishing.  When my next book is published, they will be on my speed dial.


‘Alexa’s experience, insight and swift response saved me and my book from being half-baked! I was in the formatting process with another company but feeling uneasy about the results.

I liked the clarity on Alexa’s website and asked her to comment on the draft I had been sent. She responded almost immediately. All the things I was concerned about were flagged up, and a number of vital points I’d missed but could see as soon as she identified them.

The book is non-fiction, about therapeutic aspects of dance. There are illustrations, poems, song lyrics, quotes, and a number of different styles (voices) within the book. I was so pleased to have someone skilled to communicate with, so I booked a consultation session. This was pure gold. Many things that could be easily improved were identified. I got clearer about serif and sand serif fonts, margin widths, page headers and how to do headings (such as chapter titles).

No time was wasted and to my amazement in just an hour she also had doable ideas about the cover and internal artwork which have hugely improved the book’s appearance. I have no doubt that this very modest ‘investment’ will come back to me many times both in book sales and in my personal satisfaction. I can wholeheartedly recommend Alexa’s work.’

Stefan Freedman. Choreographer/Dance Facilitator from Suffolk, UK www.dancewise.net

‘Alexa helped me before I even spoke to her! This was because the information and advice on her website was so thorough that I could navigate a lot of the publishing world just by reading her articles.

Alexa sourced an ISBN for me and the reason I chose her was because of her great wealth of knowledge about the process, and also because she made it so easy for me! I liked the fact that Alexa lets the author hold all the rights to their work and I am confident I can commission her to coach me in the future. She assures me that the first book is the hardest and then the seed is sown for more! It is proving true already!

I would highly recommend working with Alexa for her practical and logical approach that gives the author the confidence in their own abilities to do this!’

Kerry Low Author of Destination Dream Job Journal

I always wanted to write a book, but that was the easy part. As I prevaricated with the ending, the aspect that caused some concern was the publication. Committed to self-publication, the appropriate publisher was important to me. 

After some searching, and a false start, I discovered Alexa. From the moment we began the discussion, I couldn’t help but be impressed with her confidence and her consummate professionalism. That was enough for me to trust her with my project. Thereafter, Alexa walked me through the necessary steps, applied her expertise and experience, communicated almost daily, and brought the project to happy fruition.

The resultant book is just what I expected, and has generated a very welcome response. My recommendation to any budding author would be to take Alexa at her word. If your project is worthy of publication, Alexa  should be one’s first port of call

Should I ever attempt a second book, I hope Alexa will once more consider me a client.’

Keith Shortland

‘I approached Alexa for an ISBN number and received it in 24 hours. It can take up to ten days with some suppliers. Alexa also registered the book for me, making it a pleasant easy transaction and why I have been back again. It is always a pleasure to work with Alexa. Thanks Alexa!’ 

Cat Weatherill

‘If you are thinking about publishing your own book, don’t hesitate to connect with Alexa at Compass-Publishing UK. Alexa got my project unstuck in five minutes and the Self-Publishing Check list from her website is the single most valuable and comprehensive guide I have found on getting published – and I’ve spent days looking.’

Bruce Caswell – TwentySix2

‘Although my book was already in the process of being printed by another company, Compass-Publishing UK were extremely helpful in guiding me through the ins and outs of obtaining an ISBN number. I was on the verge of not bothering with one as the cost was high and the application forms complicated. Alexa not only provided me with a number (a lot cheaper than elsewhere) but sent it through within an hour of my call with very little formality. I was guided patiently through the Verso page layout and everything fell into place. Very impressive, very cheerful and very professional. I wish I’d found Compass-Publishing sooner.’

Bob Price – Penguins on the Rocks

‘Just a note of thanks for all the help and support you have given me over the last few months. I have found your input invaluable both generally and specifically with Amazon. I hope to complete the second in the series of ‘Riddly-Rhymes Country Creatures Can you Find me?’ in the Spring of next year and have no doubt that once again I will come to you for help, if not before. At all times you have been encouraging, professional and extremely helpful.’

Chris Redshaw – Riddly Rhymes