After helping a client, Rob Purfield – author of ‘The Ultimate Knockout Closing System’ convert his printed book to Kindle , we were checking his Amazon listing and noticed that his reviews all had 5 stars – a fantastic accolade, and something that happened without him realising it!

Rob can now use this ‘5 Star’ rating in his marketing and promotional material as well as encouraging his potential customers to click the ‘add to basket’ button.

Of course there are other ways of making your books more enticing to potential buyers. Implementing all of the features that Amazon offer, like ‘Look Inside’ and converting your books to Kindle format, for instance, are a must in order to appeal to the diverse array of how books are now read.

The first step to take, however, is to list your book with Amazon – and although it may seem like a daunting task, as long as you have a few key processes in place first, then making your book available on Amazon is relatively straight forward.

How to get your book listed on Amazon

I have written a comprehensive guide ‘How to Get Your Book on’ which includes how to upload your files for the ‘Look Inside’ feature, as well as a report on how to get your book converted for Kindle Readers.

Simply click this link to read how.

How to get reviews on Amazon

Rob was fortunate that his 5 star reviews were organic, but there are ways of actively encouraging customers to post their reviews on Amazon.

Here are two ways that have worked for my clients;

  1. Pre-publication offer
  2. Email your list and ask for a review (in return for an upgrade or mention on your next blog post)
  1. Pre-publication offer;

If you, like a lot of other savvy business owners, are making your book available as a free download, with a chance of buying the physical copy – then offer to send them a free paperback edition in return for a review (you can then copy and paste this review into Amazon once it’s listed). This is a smart way of getting some great testimonials, and it means that they don’t have to do anything other than email you once they’ve read the book, as you will be uploading it to Amazon on their behalf later.

  1. Write to your list;

If your book is already published, and you want some reviews on your Amazon listing, simply ask your customers or clients. Perhaps hand pick a group and in return, offer them a upgrade to a programme they already have, or if you have an active blog, say you’ll post their name and web address (with a bit about their services) in your next article.

However, do make sure you ask for truthful reviews. You’re not trying to bribe anyone, and if you get a mixture of 4 to 5 stars then that is still fantastic (and sometimes more believable!)

But Beware!

However, do be aware of saboteur’s. There’s always a chance of getting a really nasty comment, or remark by someone that hasn’t even read your book! My colleague Ed Rivis had this happen to him. One of his reviewers thought he had made all of his testimonials up – and said as much on Amazon, resulting in his fantastic rating being reduced (as well as questioning his credibility as an author). Ed was able to get this review off Amazon, so do keep an eye out for updated reviews and contact Amazon if anything untoward happens.

Celebrate your success!

Getting 4 or 5 star reviews on Amazon is a real achievement and using those comments for extra exposure is a smart tactic. Being able to impart useful, valuable information will help your prospective customers make an informed buying decision, and if you’re able to educate your target audience, then this will help elevate your knowledge to ‘expert’ status, (one of the reasons you wrote the book in the first place) so don’t let modesty hold you back in celebrating your writing success.

How you can obtain a 5 star rating on Amazon, it’s easier than you think.
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