Having a big shiny goal is exciting. You feel motivated, in control and you get off the starting blocks with fire in your belly and the confidence that it’ll get done. Writing is going well, the word count is stacking up… then reality hits.

Life gets in the way.

The subject you were writing on gets a bit fuzzy and you start to lose your motivation.

Quietly, the ‘write a book’ task gets moved to the bottom of the list, or in worst cases, doesn’t even make it.

That feeling of despondency creeps in. Maybe even imposter syndrome raises its ugly head… “Who am I to think I could write a book?”

This is where you have to dig deep and plough on.

How to get back on track

  1. Go back to your ‘why’ and refresh yourself with your core message. You had a clear image of why this book was important, so remind yourself of that.
  2. Indulge yourself in what image you’d like on your book cover. Spend some time looking at other books in your genre and imagine YOUR name on one of the covers.
  3. Get some accountability on finishing off your first draft. Sign up to a Facebook group or hire a book coach to help you get over the finish line. There is indisputable evidence that having accountability increases your likelihood of completing a goal than going it alone.

Writing a book is hard, but once it’s done and published it’ll work tirelessly for you – increasing your reputation as an expert and opens up opportunities that non-authors can only dream of. (Articles in the press, radio interviews, speaking events etc.)

The cliche of ‘Just do it’ really is the most powerful. But if you need an extra hand to help you over the finish line, then I can help. My year’s motto is #thisistheyear and I really want to help any aspiring authors get their book out of their head and into print. Message me and let’s chat. I have various services that are suited depending on where you’re at in your writing journey.

It all starts with action! Need help? Get in touch: alexa@thebookrefinery.com

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Just get your book written already!