So, the surprise from yesterday’s book launch of The New Fire book launch by Nick Francis was Simon Banks being there too! Another author of mine.

Alexa Whitten - Book Coach and Author Maker

It was like 2 authors for the price of 1!!

I worked with both of these wonderful chaps, sorry – authors, and it was great to meet them both in person (finally!). Oh yes, I don’t meet all of my authors face to face, in fact most of them I work with solely online if that’s their preference / suits their busy lives.

I helped Simon back in 2016 with his book, How to Get Video Right, and Nick last year.

The New Fire by Nick Francis

Both books are superb and I’m looking forward to helping Simon with his next one!

Love my job!

Got an idea for a book? Get in touch… I can make that happen! 

Two authors for the price of one